Connecting to Crossplane

    Upbound Cloud lets you connect to the remote Crossplane cluster powering your Platform, as well as the namespaces powering your Workspaces so long as you have a Personal Access Token.

    Generate a Token

    Before connecting to Crossplane, make sure to generate a personal Access Token.

    From the account picker in the bottom left, select "My Account" and navigate to "API Tokens". You'll be able to generate a new token. Name it and make sure to write down the token string. You won't be shown it again and will need it soon.

    Create new token

    Connect to Crossplane

    Now you're ready to connect to Crossplane. If you're not familiar with connecting to a remote cluster, Upbound Cloud gives you the commands you need to connect to your Platform.

    Just navigate to your Platform and click "Connect via CLI".

    Connect via CLI

    Set the cluster in your kubeconfig file

    kubectl config set-cluster "dev" --server="<URL-TO-PLATFORM>"

    Use your Access Token to authenticate with your Platform

    kubectl config set-credentials "<ORGANIZATION>" --token=[ACCESS_TOKEN]

    Add a new entry for this context to your kubeconfig file

    kubectl config set-context "dev" --cluster="<PLATFORM NAME>" --user="<ORGANIZATION>"

    Use this context as your current context

    kubectl config use-context "<PLATFORM NAME>"

    To learn about some of these topics we covered in more detail, please see the resources below.