Upbound CLI

up is the official CLI for interacting with Upbound Cloud and Universal Crossplane (UXP).


up can be downloaded by using the official installation script, or can be installed via a variety of common package managers.

Install Script

curl -sL https://cli.upbound.io | sh


brew install upbound/tap/up

Deb/RPM Packages

Deb and RPM packages are available for Linux platforms, but currently require manual download and install.

curl -sLo up.deb https://cli.upbound.io/stable/${VERSION}/deb/linux_${ARCH}/up.deb
curl -sLo up.rpm https://cli.upbound.io/stable/${VERSION}/rpm/linux_${ARCH}/up.rpm


Users typically begin by either logging in to Upbound Cloud or installing UXP.

Upbound Cloud Login

up uses profiles to manage sets of credentials for interacting with Upbound Cloud. You can read more about how to manage multiple profiles in the configuration documentation. When logging in, you will be prompted for username and password unless they are otherwise provided or a user token is provided.

up cloud login

Install Universal Crossplane

up can install UXP into any Kubernetes cluster, or upgrade an existing Crossplane installation to UXP of compatible version. UXP versions with the same major, minor, and patch number are considered compatible (e.g. v1.2.1 of Crossplane is compatible with UXP v1.2.1-up.N)

To install the latest stable UXP release:

up uxp install

To upgrade a Crossplane installation to a compatible UXP version:

up uxp upgrade vX.Y.Z-up.N -n <crossplane-namespace>


See the documentation on supported commands for more information.