Deploy a User Console

    With a brand new Upbound Organization, and a properly configured Platform, you're now ready to provide self-service cloud consoles to your application teams.

    Enable APIs in Your Workspace

    From the Admin Console, select the Platform you just created and then navigate to one of your Workspaces. Click on Workspace Settings and scroll down to the Workspace APIs section. Each API listed is what has been defined in the Configuration you just installed. By default, these APIs are disabled and require you to provide access to them so they appear in User Consoles.

    Enable APIs gif

    Invite Developers to your Organization

    As an Organization owner, you have access to both the Admin Console and the User Console for your Organization. Today, all users of an Organization can see both consoles, however functionality is limited based on permissions.

    Add Users

    From the Admin Console, go to All Users and click Invite New User. Enter the user's email address and assign them a role. We recommend operations team members get assigned Organization Owner roles, and application developers get assigned the Member role.

    Invite user gif

    Add Users to a Team

    Next go to the Teams page and create a new team. Click Add Team members and select some of the users you just invited to your Upbound Cloud Organization.

    Add team users png

    Assign a Team to a Workspace

    Finally, on the Teams page, navigate to Permissions. Click Create Platform or Workspace Permission and grant this team access to the new Workspace you just created.


    To learn about some of these topics we covered in more detail, please see the resources below.