Provisioning Infrastructure

    So far we've been doing all of our work in the Upbound Cloud Admin Console. Now it's time to switch over to the Organization's's User Console where developers in your Teams can self-service infrastructure on-demand.

    To go to your User Console, go back to the Organization picker in the bottom left and select "User Console" from your Organization's submenu.

    Navigate to user console gif

    Once you're in the User Console, you can choose your Platform and Workspace. Once complete, you'll see a streamlined interface which looks and feels like a custom cloud console for your company.

    Below you can see the APIs installed into your Platform from our example Configuration. If we were to connect to our Platform again, we'd see that these APIs are just Crossplane Composite Resources Definitions our user account has been given access to.

    To provision the infrastructure behind these APIs, Upbound Cloud makes it easy for us to create a Composite Resource claim. When doing so, developers can fill out an easy to use wizard with pre-configured defaults which help ensure everything that's being self-serviced adheres to your organization's guardrails.

    Create a cluster gif


    To learn about some of these topics we covered in more detail, please see the resources below.