Set Up Upbound Cloud


    Before continuing, please install the above requirements, before setting up Upbound Cloud for the first time. In our Community Preview, all users have their own Personal account, but also the ability to create an Organization account as well. Organization accounts let you invite teams and manage users, and are required for this guide.

    For more information, visit our Account Types documentation page.

    Create a new Organization

    Create a new Organization from the org picker in the bottom left hand screen. We're going to call ours test-org, but feel free to name yours something more creative.

    Create new Organization

    Create a new Platform

    Next we're going to create our first Platform. We're going to call this Platform dev.

    Under the hood, a Platform is just a hosted Crossplane instance managed by Upbound Cloud. Backups, HA, and scaling is all taken care of for you.

    Create new Platform

    Note: Platforms created in the Community Preview have a 12 hour lifespan. To remove this constraint, please reach out and we'll extend your trial period.

    Add a Workspace

    Once your new Platform is ready, it's time to create a Workspace. We've called ours frontend-team.

    Workspaces let you organize your Platform into sub-areas for teams, and they're backed by a Kubernetes namespace running in your Crossplane instance. In future steps, you'll invite Users, add them to Teams, and assign those teams to this Workspace.

    Create new Workspace


    To learn about some of these topics we covered in more detail, please see the resources below.