Repositories allow you to publish public and private Registry listings for Providers and Configurations enabling your teams to self-service infrastructure that automatically complies with your organization's guardrails.

    • Providers define any infrastructure or managed service the exposes an API as CRDs and controllers, making it easy to consume using Crossplane.
    • Configurations configure Platforms and can include your organization's policies, permissions, and quotas. Platforms with Configurations installed expose a custom cloud API to the infrastructure connected to them through Providers.


    Public Listings

    Only valid Crossplane Provider and Configuaration packages can be listed publicly. Currently, all public listings go through a vetting process and aren't immediately listed.

    Private Listings

    Private listings are only accessible to people in your Organization. You can give Teams access to your Repository through the Team permissions interface. Unlike public listings, both Crossplane packages and OCI images can be uploaded to private Repositories.