Users within an Organization can be organized into separate teams, depending on their roles within the Organization. Teams can be created, edited or deleted, as needed, by Organization owners.

    Adding/Removing Users

    To get started as an Organization owner, either create a new team or edit an existing team. You will then be able to add members of your Organization to the team, granting them either Member or Owner permissions for the team. Team owners have the ability to invite new users to the team from within your Organization. They can also edit team-level permissions. Team members, on the other hand, have no ability to manage anything within the team.

    Managing Permissions

    Team and Organization owners also have the ability to grant permissions for teams to access an Organization's Repositories, Workspaces, and Platforms.

    Teams can be Members or Owners for Platforms. In addition, teams can be given Admin, View, or Edit access to its Organization's Platforms, Workspaces, and Repositories.

    Members of teams will be able to access those resources depending on which permission level is granted to those teams.