Subscription Trials

Subscription Trials

Upbound has two subscriptions: Upbound Community for individuals and Upbound Enterprise for organizations and teams who need to manage large Crossplane footprints at scale and in production.

Upbound Community

Upbound Community is free, but comes with a limited set of features:

  1. Users can connect only one UXP instance
  2. Users can create one private repository
  3. Create a hosted UXP instance which expires in 14 days

Upbound Enterprise

Upbound users can start a free trial of Upbound Enterprise simply by creating an organization either during account creation or afterwards from the account picker.

Upbound Enterprise customers unlock the following features across Upbound's product portfolio:

  1. Unlimited control planes (hosted and self-hosted)
  2. Unlimited private repositories
  3. Organizations, Teams, and Robot Accounts
  4. 24/7 Support
  5. Onboarding and implementation services.

Visit our pricing page for more information. Contact sales to extend or remove your trial.

Trial Expiration

Once your Upbound Enterprise trial expires, you'll have 7 days to contact our sales team to extend or remove the trial on your organization. After the 7 day grace period is over, Upbound will delete your organization, control planes, and repositories.

Users without an Upbound Enterprise subscription can belong to many different organizations, but won't be able to create any themselves without an Upbound Enterprise subscription.