Welcome to the Upbound Cloud Community Preview!

    Upbound Cloud quickly gives you an enterprise control plane to power your internal cloud platform. It layers on top of your existing cloud and data center environments, tooling, and processes empowering you to end IaC toolchain sprawl, unify application and infrastructure management across clouds and data centers, and create infrastructure abstractions for applications to safely consume.

    Getting Started


    To quickly get started with Upbound Cloud:

    • Create an Environment - a managed Crossplane instance

      • Install a Provider from the Registry, to add cloud service capabilities to the Environment
      • Install a Stack from the Registry to:
        • connect the Environment to a cloud provider (GCP, AWS, Azure)
        • provision cloud resources including networking & security
        • provide default classes-of-service that applications can consume
    • Create a Workspace and deploy a sample Application with cloud service dependencies

      • Install an Application from the Registry into a Workspace with cloud service dependencies
      • Observe successful Application deployment status & underlying cloud resources from the resource console GUI and by connecting via kubectl for full CLI access to our Environments and Workspaces
    • Cleanup and tear-down

      • Free up all cloud resources and delete the Workspace and Environment.

    Next Step

    Learn More

    • See the Introduction to learn about the things you can do with Upbound Cloud.