With Upbound Cloud you can:

    • Provision fully-managed Crossplane with a click of a button.

      • Anyone can use our open source Crossplane project to power their internal cloud platform.
      • We take care of all the backups, management, and security so you can focus on what matters most.
    • Publish infrastructure abstractions with policy guardrails for applications to consume.

      • Infrastructure operators can publish infrastructure abstractions into Environments for application teams to consume.
      • Application operators can build, run, and publish Applications in Workspaces that can easily consume the infrastructure they need.
    • Browse, discover, and share with the free community library for all things Crossplane

      • Browse the Upbound Registry and discover the Resources and Packages that you and your team need for your next Crossplane project.
        • Providers define any infrastructure or managed service the exposes an API as CRDs and controllers, making it easy to consume using Crossplane.
        • Stacks allow you to configure providers for your applications to use.
        • Applications can consume providers directly or use stacks to finely tune the deployment.
      • Create private packages in the Registry only available to your team.
        • Repositories support public and private listings that enable your teams to self-service using infrastructure and applications that have been vetted and approved by your organization.
        • Teams support full role-based access control (RBAC).
        • Teams can be given permissions to access specific private services in the Registry.
      • Share your creation with the Crossplane community on the Upbound Registry.
        • Individuals and organizations can publicly share providers, stacks, and applications with the whole Crossplane community using the Upbound Registry.
    • Layer on top of your existing infrastructure.

      • Building an internal cloud platform with legacy scripting and IaC tools is risky and time consuming.
      • Upbound Cloud layers on top of your existing tools, processes and infrastructure with an enterprise control plane that transforms existing infrastructure into an internal cloud platform.
      • Robots Accounts support deploying from pipelines and GitOps workflows.

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