Install Stack


    Have the gcloud CLI installed and configured to use a gcp project.

    Install the Stack

    Naviate to the Registry and install the GCP Sample Stack from the Registry, once the Provider has successfully installed.

    When installation completes, you will be directed to a configuration page. Give your instance a name and then provide some necessary details using an existing Google Cloud Project.


    Copy the provided curl | bash command from the Upbound Cloud UI, making sure to replace the PROJECT_ID in the curl | bash command with the actual GCP Project ID you are using.

    This creates a service account within the GCP IAM and grants permissions to the cloud service APIs that the Stack requires.

    After running that curl command, you will see a Provider Secret, presented as a JSON object between two lines of asterisks. Copy the JSON object and paste it into the Provider Secret text area.


    Click Create New Instance to proceed. This will create a new GCPSample stack instance, and create all the associated resources.

    Next Step

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